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Understanding Gratitude

Understanding Gratitude


An acknowledgement of appreciation can be very powerful. Whether the sentiments are in gratitude for someone else or very simply we just really appreciate who we are, for what we are.

Unfortunately being consciously happy in thanks for anything, doesn’t always last. It isn’t realistic to be thankful all the time.

We must learn to adjust to the movements of life, for instance somedays we are joyful and other days we are nothing but stressed and confused, these adjustments help us to better understand our intuition.

In other words, understanding that the stressed out and gloomy days come with a little more ease and understanding about them, if we are connected to our intuitive thoughts.

The sad and unhappy day’s come with a gift , an opportunity for us to pay attention to what we are feeling under the surface, so we can work towards letting it go. The fluctuation of our emotional state regardless of whether we are in a state of elation or a variation of feeling down in the dumps, there should be a feeling of gratitude inside of us, either way.

The good, the bad and the ugly, we have all heard of that movie, the title is a good one to help describe ourselves. The suggestion is to accept that we are all of the above and perhaps a few more distinct characteristics as well.

Regardless of our temperament, be thankful for who you are in any moment of what you are feeling. Human beings are really good at beating themselves up, all of the time.

Watch how you talk to yourself when you are not happy! Perhaps start paying more attention to what your Soul is trying to communicate to you instead of your Ego.

The difference is, the Ego loves to criticize and demoralize you, but your Soul will always send you loving, helpful messages to make you feel better and to help you appreciate ‘you’, for who you are no matter what.