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Unconsciously Conscious

Unconsciously Conscious


Good morning, are you awake? I don’t mean “your eyes are open, rub your face, yawn and stagger out of bed, awake”, I mean are you really and truly ‘aware’?

There is a huge difference between being wakeful and being conscious. A very spiritual difference indeed.

Humans are a unique and rare breed, especially the generation of ‘now’.
Lost are the rituals of the past. The Elders of tribes in this land and lands far from us, are leaving this Earth with all of their wisdom, not much of it has been preserved.

Shamanic medicine men, healers and sorcerers, are able to reach altered states of consciousness in order to interact with a spirit world. A shaman is a person regarded as having access to and influence in the world of spirit. Shamans and other Tribal Seniors have assisted Souls with their evolution. Delving into our Souls growth is what allows us to become conscious.

In this Earths past, many, many years ago, people of the ‘then’ practiced becoming conscious because it was something that was very natural to them. Over the centuries we seem to have lost those powerful influences, they have been replaced with structures, authority and prestige of a very dissimilar and unconscious kind.

For some humans, there may come a time in life when something makes us ‘think’. Whether it be an illness, a tragic event or a shift in perspective, whatever the case may be, it moves us in a different direction, a spiritual direction just like the practices of the Shamans and Elders of the past.

A shift of any kind is very uncomfortable, and can literally knock the wind right out of your sails. Unusual and unfamiliar feelings and emotions will arise, separate from thoughts we may have had before. But know that a gift has been given to you, a very important and valuable gift.

This shift in yourself has begun to awaken your unconscious state of mind, a scarce and unique way of thinking is unraveling behind your eyes and in your Soul.

Reluctance will over come you, the unwillingness to want to welcome change will petrify your Ego.

Don’t give in to fear, this is an incredible opportunity for you to become truly and fully conscious. Your visions will become open to the opportunities of this World in a way that you never saw with your eyes before, eyes that were open but you were not awake.