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Tolerating Patience

Tolerating Patience


 Working towards finding the ‘truth’ of who we are takes a tremendous amount of patience. More than patience, it takes courage and faith as well.

The Soul Work is not easy, but the rewards of your evolution are worth tolerating your level of patience.

The truth is, working on our self-esteem, our self-worth and our self-respect, is the only way on our path to finding the truth. Without a good, solid and stable root within ourselves, living in our truth is impossible.

The only way to the truth, is to be sincere and honest with oneself. First we must take responsibility for who we are.

We must let our guard down and take ownership for our mistakes and misgivings. Find forgiveness for what you need to forgive yourself for.

Remember that you are only human, and human beings are expected to make mistakes. There is no other method to learn and move forward, without a lesson to teach us the way.

As you begin to build on self-regard, pride and dignity, you will then begin to understand the value of your life, and why you are here.

Truth is allowing your confidence to thrive and grow. Find activities you can engage in to increase positive energy in yourself.
The more you ‘feel’ happy, the more you will elevate your vitality and spirit.

The more you encourage your enthusiasm, the greater your vibrancy for life will become.
What makes you sparkle is what brings you closer to your ‘truth’.

One day, you will come to realize, that there is no other way to exist, but in the truth of who you are.
Living life authentically and from your heart is the way to an exciting and fulfilling life.

Ask the Universe for vitality to begin your journey to finding your way to your own truth.