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This Time of Year…..

This Time of Year…..


Is it in fact ‘this time of year’ that gets people feeling melancholy, does the Christmas season effect some people in a ‘not so jolly’ way?

Feelings of unhappiness, sadness and perhaps loneliness often feel more severe at different times of the year, but is it really because of the ‘season’?

We complain that the change in weather makes us gloomy, maybe we don’t enjoy visiting the In-Laws, or even our own parents, our siblings get on our nerves, the despair list goes on and on.

We are so quick to blame outside sources for our unhappiness, making excuses for what we are feeling we say, is human nature.

Taking responsibility for our misery and low spirits means opening that big locked vault that is buried deep inside of our Soul. Blame and drama seem like a much easier route to take, after all who wants to get their ego all filthy dirty with old, outdated sticky tar.

It sounds like a nasty combination. The truth is, nothing will ‘feel better’ until you take a good look at the internal parts of ‘you’.

The place where the real work of getting the pleasure and delight out of life resides. No one escapes the truth of why we are here. Each and every one of us has a mission to play out. We have a choice – to get real, or play dead.

Living in drama and the unreality of life, simply means that you’re keeping your Soul in the dead zone. When the Soul is sound asleep and the ego is wide awake, it can make our world very small.

When our outer world feels very small, we might get those tormenting feelings that make us feel physically and emotionally despondent.

So, in reality, what is actually worse – feeling like doom and gloom every time something triggers the misery, or mustering up the courage to face what it really is that is making us so damn sad? The ‘feelings’ come for a reason.

They are messages from our Soul to ‘wake up’. Whatever the time of year is, or whatever it is that sets us off in our drama, stop blaming it on the weather or the In-Laws, draw your attention to what it really is that you’re feeling.

Your Soul is nudging you to work on something that is old, outdated and needs to go. Getting to the root of any problem, and working through it, is always the best solution.

Start paying more attention inward, don’t be afraid to dig through the tar.