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This Is Your Life

This Is Your Life


Stomp, dance, jog, run or crawl, it really doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you are moving to the pulse of your own Spirit.

This is your life, how you live it is entirely your responsibility, and quite frankly it is no business of anyone else.

There will be people who judge you for the decisions you make, leave the drama in the hands of those critics, it has nothing to do with you.

Each of us comes with a Soul that is unique and precious, there is no one that will better understand your needs, your wants and your desires like you will.

Sometimes we reach out to other people, thinking they are emotionally invested in how we feel, only to realize that they really don’t have a clue at all as to what our inner turmoil is like.

It is important to accept that at times we can feel completely alone in the world, and further accept it is ok to feel that way.

Life can be lonely when we are searching and exploring outside of the Tribe. Why shouldn’t we be curious, life would stand still if we weren’t.

The importance of our life rests on the wisdom that we receive from our Soul.

Those gut feelings you get when it is noiseless, silent and you allow peace, just for a moment. Undisturbed thoughts that make all the sense you have been waiting for, this is the intelligence you can trust without a doubt.

The whispers that come from your Spirit, is the wisdom that can create the most meaningful music for us.

Don’t miss a beat of the melody, don’t dismiss your urge to dance, this is your life, live it with courage and don’t be afraid that sometimes you will have to feel alone.

Find peace within the silence.