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Theory of Evolution

Theory of Evolution


In order to grow you must be willing to accept change. In order to elevate your Souls energy you must become modifiable and versatile. 

The moment you decide to adjust and refine areas of your life that feel unsatisfied, your Ego will become your greatest enemy.

Your most valuable weapon in your inner tool box will be courage.

Your strength in the face of fearlessness will be tested time and time again.

Evolution is a process, this you will come to understand very quickly.

You must trust and adapt with each step forward. The Universe will ask you to reveal your strengths and capabilities by putting you under uncomfortable strain.

The challenges you will face may take you two steps backwards, but don’t give up.

At times like this you must continue to build on your courage, why wouldn’t you, it is ‘you’ that you are fighting for.
With the success of each new challenge that your Soul sets out for you, you will be able to feel the difference.

Each time you are able to release and let go of something old and outdated, your physical body will rejuvenate.

Your emotional and mental state will feel lighter and more joyful.

Each time we allow ourselves the honour of cleaning out our inner closet, we create clean space for a new and improved relationship with ourselves.

Don’t wait another day to begin your Soul Work. Don’t make any more excuses why you can’t get started.

Begin to build on your courage, so you have a sharp weapon to defend yourself against your Ego. The only battle that you need to fight is within yourself.

Take control of your life, this is ultimately your responsibility.

If you are living a life of drama, you will never allow yourself to evolve.

Let go of what is holding you back, because you deserve to be ‘happy’.