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The Magic of Patience

The Magic of Patience


The art of patience isn’t an easy one for us to practice.

Often when a life changing decision has to be made, it can take us weeks, even months to finally decide what to do and which way to go, so we can put our minds at rest and get on with it.

Perhaps you have decisively without a doubt settled into wanting to sell your house, you call the Realtor, he draws up the necessary papers and the big ‘For Sale’ sign goes out at the end of your driveway.

You feel most certain that within a matter of days you will have a buyer and the life you have been dreaming about will begin to fall into place. Have you noticed that once you make up your mind, once you have enduringly agonized over what to do and come to a conclusion, patience takes on a whole different meaning?

It also makes the quote ‘life is about the journey and not the destination’ a little more understandable. The Soul growth within us comes from facing our fears. Our spiritual growth begins when we find ourself in the mist of a life rattling determination.

Putting it into progress and actively becoming a part of the process is how we elevate our Souls mission. Humans don’t like to shift or remodel, not internally anyway.

There is stability when everything stays the same, even if we know we are not happy, we put up with it. It seems easier and more comfortable to turn a blind eye to what resides quietly inside of us, as long as we don’t have to face it, all is well.

If the day comes when we are brave enough to want to make a viable change towards a dream or desire, we can’t ignore the calling of the voice inside of us any longer. But what if the house doesn’t sell in just a few days, what if the dream of a ’Sold’ sticker begins to fade away, do you begin to question your decision?

Absolutely not, very often that which took months to decide will require a little more consideration, from a Soul perspective. The Universe will gift us extra time so we can really settle into where the change is going to take us.

If there are a few bugs to iron out it doesn’t mean that we loose site of the dream. Embrace patience, like you have never before and hold on tight to the excitement you felt when you finally made your decision in the first place.