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The Influence of Now

The Influence of Now


What good is a meaningful life if your missing out on it?

Most of us are alluded by the mastery of being in the present moment.

What does being ‘present’ mean to you?

Even now, are you really just reading this blog?

Or is your mind on 10 other things as well?

We become so utterly distracted in our life. Sometimes it isn’t easy remembering what we did yesterday, because for most of it were weren’t really available for ourselves.

We walk around with our cell phones in our pockets, although most of the time they are in our hands.

Afraid to death that we might miss something on social media, a text, a good selfie, or a phone call. How did we manage before those horns were invented, honestly!!

If we aren’t fiddling around with our devices, we are busily involved in something. We are so programmed to believe that if we aren’t occupying our time doing stuff, we are existing and not living!

What do you think would happen if you just sat still for 5 minutes? Stilling your physical body is easy. Quieting the mind, not so much.

And yet, when you come to know how to turn off your Ego, you will realize how easy it has been all along.

The best way to practise ‘being in the now’, is to start paying attention.

If you can’t get outside into a place of nature (backyard, park, beach….) then just sit still in a chair. Get comfortable, look out the window, what do you see?

Focus on one entity. Notice the colours, the shapes, the size. Pay attention to how you are feeling inside, notice your breathing.

Take two nice deep breaths and when you exhale, thank the Universe for all your blessings.

Shanti, shanti, shanti