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The Heavy and Sticky Tar

The Heavy and Sticky Tar


What is Soul Work without some really concentrated, intense and problematic gunk. The kind of mud that sticks to our heart like a double layer of epoxy.

Programmed stuff we fight to hold onto with a death grip, like a new TV in a lineup on Black Friday. There are many, many layers to the Soul of who we are, each layer represents a lesson of learning to some degree.

As we travel through life, if we are brave enough, one at a time we begin to peal back those layers. Each coat of thickness represents something we are meant to overcome, work through and let go of. Each layer we release brings us a little closer to our personal and soulful freedom.

The freedom to be our beautiful ‘Self’. One by one we relinquish our grip on the layers of fears that we have been conditioned to believe in. Fears that have held us back from living an authentic life, one in which we were meant to be happy, joyful and abundant.

Each trepidation that we work through, when we are able to heal what is there just that little bit more, we begin to feel lighter. Our internal energies react to that of which used to be a constant heaviness, thankfully it has now become less of a load.

Pealing back the layers takes time, it is a process that knows nothing about the days on the calendar, one must be very patient. Eventually and perhaps appreciatively there will come a time when the surface of our soul work seems to have resolved and dissolved, our life has changed and for the better, everything seems to be wonderfully transformed.

Do not be deluded by your Ego, there is always more work to be done and what is to come, much to your surprise is the heavy, sticky tar ‘stuff’, the gloomy, bleak and murky stuff. The pale and pasty emotional distress’s that we have efficiently hidden away deep down inside of our psyche where no one, not even ourself can find.

When you get to this powerful layer of tar, then you know that something really and truly amazing is about to transform within you, there is a reason to rejoice, so buckle down and get to work, it won’t be for the faint of heart and it is not going to be easy, I wouldn’t lie to you.

The scraping will leave you raw for a time, but it won’t last long if you are willing to move through the motions and work with the process.

Do not be afraid, for anything that comes our way is solely because our Guides know we are ready for the challenge, we have proved ourself as a Warrior time and time again.

Don’t ever think of giving up the chase, because what lies ahead is the fruitful rewards of all of your hard and laborious soul work.

You can do this, and so get it done!