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The First Leg of the Journey

The First Leg of the Journey


How do we get started on our path, what are the first steps to embracing our Spiritual Journey?

The road ahead will be laborious.It will require strenuous emotional effort on your part, demanding uphill challenges will be thrown your way.

There is no lane on the fast track to accelerate you to the finish line, no steps to hasten the pace, everything you walk through will be to the beat of the Universes drum.

There will be exit points, just like the chicken doors at the Horror House, but be guaranteed that if you run off scared you won’t be happy about it. Once you get started on your path, it becomes more difficult to settle for second best.

There will be a lot of ‘stuff’ to clean out of your attic, and perhaps without a doubt there will be baggage in your parents and grandparents attic that will become your responsibility to deal with as well. Stuff that has been gently hidden for generations, psychological baggage passed down through the ages of time.

It all sounds very heavy and maybe even frightening, the unknown has a way of intimidating us, doesn’t it? If you have been feeling terribly unhappy, restless, uneasy, anxious, teary at times and down in the dumps, then put a big grin on your face because the time has come.

The moment has arrived for you to make the biggest decision of your life this far. The decision to commit to taking better care of yourself, a resolve to learning how to love and respect yourself and the determination to find the greatness within you, there could be nothing more awe-inspiring than that.

Once you decide that you are ready to surrender your trust to your Higher Power, things will begin to shift. Your Soul will leap into action, sending synchronistic messages your way, clues to what steps you must take on your new path.

Coincidental situations and circumstances will appear out of no where, but nothing is ‘just by chance’, so pay particular attention to what draws your awareness. Your conscious perception will become more acute, there will be light-bulb moments that will blow your mind.

There is only one thing that you need to do first of all, and that is to begin to work on your courage. Bravery like you have never known before.

True grit that makes you take deep breaths and stand up tall. As unnerving as all of this may sound, never think for a minute that you can’t do this, because you can. All along everything you have ever needed to evolve your Soul has been tucked away inside of you waiting for the day for you to commit to your growth and learning.

Don’t be afraid, you will have the support of your Guides and the strength that you require will come to you when you need it most.