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The Clearness of Transparency

The Clearness of Transparency


For months and for what maybe seems like years, things have been so unclear. For far too long everything about your life seems to be so muddled up.

Your job is ok, but that’s just it, it isn’t great or fantastic, it is just ‘ok’. You love your home, but the walls are becoming far too thick with paint, after all you have redesigned every room more than you would like to admit this past couple of years.


Changing the colour of the walls honestly hasn’t seemed to settle the restlessness you feel. And besides the carpet is getting a little worn down in the living room from all of the furniture shuffling. The new drapes didn’t really cut it either. Your clothes closet feels a little tight as well, there isn’t room for much more to hang up.

It seems you have purchased more than your share of new stuff recently, thinking t it might help settle how you are feeling inside. Feeling restless is making you itchy and the rash just won’t go away, in fact it is starting to spread so now your getting nervous.

The sleepless nights are troublesome and the dreams that come when you do fall asleep are haunting. Some day’s you are on the verge of tears, the frustration and agitation that is building inside of you feels like it is about to erupt. You worry that the storm that’s brewing inside of your mind, will create a surge of emotions, surly to drown anyone that is standing near.

Change is necessary, you say to yourself, repeating it like a mantra over and over again. And yes, you are right, change is imperative and if you are a willing participant, change will happen. The requirements are well defined, the Universe asks only one thing of you. You must become an active player, you must fully commit to partake in the gallant of life.

Changing up the furniture, your clothes, the colour of your walls, are dauntless tasks to ease the fears. Clarity will come when you face those fears, it is the only way to put out the internal fire that burns with the desire.

The desire to transform and transition the way you are feeling, living and existing. Don’t be afraid to face what regurgitates from your Soul. For it is the healing of your Spirit which will lead the way for you. With healing comes lightness and easiness, internal healing helps to build courage and self-esteem, which allows us to journey on new and improved paths.

If your life has seemed just a little too muddled up for far too long, perhaps it is time to take better care of ‘you’. If your mind is cloudy and cluttered and the chaos inside of your head is making you feel a little unstable, don’t be troubled, itchy or edgy, get to work instead.

Find a Mentor that you trust, an outside voice from another Soul or member of your Tribe could do you a world of good.