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Straight Talk About Balance

Straight Talk About Balance


Do we talk to much and act to little?

Everyone talks about balance like they talk about the weather, complain, complain. It is either too hot or too cold, we are either too busy or not busy enough.

Peace is all we crave, or so we say, but how can we achieve inner harmony when everything is hanging in the balance of whether our life is balanced or not!

Who is most important? This is a difficult question because right away we tend to say our family, when we know we should be saying we are, we are what is most important.

There comes a time when balancing what we do for everyone else and what we give to ourself becomes essential.

Hopefully it is by choice and not because the Universe thought it was time that we needed a wake up call (which is a nice way of saying kick in the ass).

It can easily become routine for us to neglect ourself, not giving it a second thought that betraying our own needs should be considered at all.

Now and again you might say to yourself ‘what about me’, under your breath of course, heaven forbid you say it out loud, it sounds so selfish and ungrateful.

But what about you, don’t you care enough about yourself to know that you matter just as much as well!

Maybe this is something that needs your careful consideration, do you really feel like you matter?

Where do you rank in the pecking order of life, how unbalanced are the scales of what you do for yourself and what you do for everyone else?

There is something really nice to be said for those who go above and beyond the call of duty, but the reasons why you are constantly over doing it need to examined.

It is unhealthy emotionally to constantly be appeasing our habitual behaviours with self serving excuses.

Recognize where you over do, and work on finding the root cause of why you do.

Balance is a juggling act, there has to be time to take care of our responsibilities but there also has to be time to just enjoy what you like to enjoy.

Don’t neglect yourself any longer, adjust your schedule of life so that the scales balance more in your favour, start today!