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Sorry, I Don’t Do That Anymore!

Sorry, I Don’t Do That Anymore!


If you can come to a point in your life that you are able to say these words out loud, with conviction, it very well could be the best revelation you have.

This small sentence of truth could easily change your life, and set you on a path of new found freedom. ‘I don’t do that anymore’, are such easy words to convey and express, but being able to speak them you had to go through the doors of hell first.

From a very ripe young age your inner psyche embarks on a destiny. This new life of yours will begin with a multitude of programmed beliefs that your parents felt a need to condition you with.

Actually your parents were unconsciously passing down fears that have been cataloged for generations. Lifetime after lifetime habitual behaviours and beliefs are inherited by the ones born next in line.

Everything that we are taught to believe has been handed down time and time again and all of what we know to be our truth has been pre-owned by us before.

All of the lessons that we are meant to learn in this life experience will be because we were not able to pass the tests of these lessons in a previous life.

This you might call Karma, the fate of destiny and the predetermination of what our obstacles will be in this present life existence. Our challenge at some point in our life is to begin to undo that which has been programmed into our minds, this is how we elevate our Soul, we need to pass the exams of our lessons once and for all.

Whatever it may be that you are currently struggling with, you can be guaranteed that it is one of those very hard lessons. How you are presently feeling because of this lesson struggle, might feel like what we have heard hell to be.

The tugging and pulling that is going on inside of you is the battle raging between your Ego and your Soul and this war between the two can be quite nasty. Your Ego wants you to cling to that old belief and your Soul on the other hand is asking you to release it, all the while convincing you that you don’t need to believe in it any more.

Whatever the behaviour is that is outdated, once you release it you will be rewarded for your difficult efforts. One of the ways we are granted a reward for a job well done is being able to say, ‘sorry, I don’t do that anymore’.

No longer will you want to be taken for granted or feel a need to be taken advantage of. This achievement is known as ‘taking back your personal power’.

When we own our power, we then own our life and no longer do we have to believe in a lot of what was handed down to us by our ancestors. 

We become free to live our life in the way that nourishes our Soul, and when our Soul is filled with love, we are more capable of becoming everything that we have dreamed we could be.