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Love over Fear

Love over Fear


Can true gratitude be measured by how much we believe and trust the process in which our life unfolds to us, and perhaps not by what we gain outwardly in our mere existence? In our society as a whole, Western or not, do we humans put a value on what we are by the things that we own, all of the worldly processions we work so hard to get?

What if it were the process of your life that was the key to your lifes meaning! How we view success, in whatever from doesn’t necessarily mean that we have become successful. True success comes from the transformation of ourself, the evolution of our Soul, while we are in this life experience.

Finding our way to loving ourself is always the goal of our Soul when we are born. Because if you can love who you are, in all of your imperfections, you can find love in everything. When there is love there is a desire to serve, and when there is a way to serve in the most loving way, the whole of the World benefits.

Fear is the alternative to love and when fear has a hold on how we live in who we are, no-one benefits because the energy of fear is a negative force. Negative of anything doesn’t allow the energy around us to thrive, and we become a result of that fear and negative energy.

This World is full of many kinds, people who are ruthless and mean unfortunately are a part of who inhabit this World as well. In order to love those who do not always serve us well we must not be weak. A wise human being blends compassion with courage.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that to be a loving person you have to give in to people and let them walk all over you. If you love yourself, you will not let that happen. If there are people who want to treat you badly, without the respect that you deserve, then you have somehow given them permission to treat you this way.

It is up to you define how people treat you, whether it be out of fear or out of love. Embrace the process of your lifes journey, follow the whispers of your Soul to guide you on your path.

Because the path that unfolds beneath you will lead you to the love that resides deep within you, just like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Except what you will find is not an illusion, but the absolute truth.