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Lead Your Own Way

Lead Your Own Way


One step at a time, and if you trip a little on the way, pick yourself up, dust off and carry on!!

Soul Work is a journey, a process that requires patience, and a bucket load of courage.

I suppose that is why a lot of people don’t want to engage, it’s too much like drudgery and they get scared.

Moving in any direction other than the one that we have been programmed to trek is frightening.

Our Ego likes to shout loud and clear when thoughts of change are contemplated. The key is to remember who you are making the changes for! Any adjustments you make to your life have to be for ‘you’.

Careful consideration for yourself, perhaps for the first time in a long time.

The beautiful Soul that you are, will evoke the courage that you will need to get started when the time comes.

That’s all it takes, just a big deep breath and the inner knowing that it is time to move forward.

Once you make the decision to want to reshape and make some adjustments in your life, the Soul Work begins.

Letting go is a big part of what the process requires, helping you to adapt to new situations.

There isn’t an easy way around this, but the results of your hard work far out weigh the undertaking.

Just remember this, ‘you’ deserve happiness, ‘you’ deserve joy, and ‘you’ deserve love.

If your hesitant about getting started with your own Soul Work, ease your mind, put your Ego aside, take that deep breath and smile, this time is for ‘you’.

Ann xo