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Keeping The Peace, But Asserting Yourself

Keeping The Peace, But Asserting Yourself


Being able to enjoy freedom without disturbance is indeed a unique opportunity. Rare times of tranquility and a quiet mind are moments of equanimity and must be treasured as such.

There is always so much to squabble about in our everyday lives, and it all of it can rob us of our inner harmony, if we let it.

‘Pick your battles’ is a common expression and if you don’t already make it a practice, it might be a good idea to start as it is pretty good advise.

It is times when we are confronted with situations that require us to ’stick up for ourselves’ that our Ego puts on it’s strutting boots ready for the call of action and duty, but this isn’t always the correct approach and we should be cautiously careful.

Actually when our Ego takes a hit from someone’s else’s words or actions towards us, we can automatically turn into a firecracker, or an emotional crying mess, either one isn’t wrong but just an normal human reaction.

It is what we decide do with that anger or deep state of emotion that will determine how we will heal from the situation at hand. No one likes to be taken advantage of, made a fool of or condemned by another person for any reason and it is in our human nature to want to react to protect ourselves.

‘Protect myself from what’, this might be something you should ask yourself before you take responsive action. Would it be worth it to thrash out at the person that has done us wrong or would it be better to simply accept the understanding that what they said or did is their ‘stuff’ and has nothing to do with you.

This isn’t always an easy practice to adopt in some situations, it all depends on how much and how loud our Ego is ranting inside of our head. Sometimes asserting ourself might simply mean not doing anything at all.

Just because someone else might have an unhappy and miserable life, so much so that they have to put down another person by saying or doing something mean and rotten, it doesn’t mean we have to become a part of that drama, what about just leaving it with the person that started it in the first place, what about walking or stepping aside from the untruth and lies and not giving it another ounce of your energy?

In my opinion this is the best course of action and one where peaceful victory can be celebrated by us. 

Keeping the peace, but standing up for ourself has many different flavours to it, and by no means do we ever allow another person to bully us, sometimes it is better to remove yourself from the situation, whether that be physically or emotionally, either one will give you the peace that you deserve.

Human beings can be ruthless to other human beings without remorse, this is a truth that we have all experienced, and one that makes me very sad indeed.