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Hurry Up and Slow Down

Hurry Up and Slow Down


There is no fast track to anything, not anything that involves the substance you want to learn and grow from. No, there are not any shortcuts, timesavers or alternate routes you can take to make it quick, fast and easy.

Oh how we wish we could catch the effortless, trouble-free train that would take us to the finish line of our Soul Work in half the time! I hate to be the bearer of lousy news, but ‘it ain’t going to happen’.

When you put your big signature on the commitment paper that the Universe handed you, the one that you asked to sign, then you are in for the long haul, so start working on your patience! The whole thing is a process – all this stuff about learning and growing and it not only takes time, but courage, stamina and a lot of tears as well.

Maybe your not a cryer, you save that for the weak people in the world, well, I have news for you, crying will become your best friend. Each tear that runs down your face and drips on the carpet is a little piece of what has been stuck inside of you, doing you no damn good at all.

Everything that has happened to you this far in your life has left an impression on your Soul. There have been a ton of really great influences, some really good stuff, but you can’t lie to yourself, there have been some really awful indents as well.

The not-so-good indents have left little, sad spaces in you that require some nurturing. Don’t get discouraged reading this blog, that is not the intention at all. It is simply just a reality check, sort of speak.

Soul Work is a slow and sometimes not so steady process, but if you have put your signature on that piece of paper that the Universe asked you to sign, then you have already taken the first very big step.

Take a deep and long breath, smile, put your comfy’s on because the rest is going to take some time getting used to.