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Has Anyone Seen My Life Jacket?

Has Anyone Seen My Life Jacket?


I am slowing drifting and so elegantly floating out to sea, hovering over the tidal of waves that are carrying me further and further from the shore.

The ocean feels warm and I am not afraid. There is no concern of where I am going, I only know that there is a force that pulling me out of my comfort zone.

In this moment I know the feeling of contentment, it is like an unfamiliar abundance of warmth yet I know I should be frightened.

I know there are creatures beneath me in the depths of this sea. Living things that I know nothing about, what will they make of me, a small and inconsequential human being.

What surrounds me is immortal, indissoluble and ever lasting as land seems to be nothing more than a mirage in my mind.

There is a gale in the distance that is heading my way, oh I wish I had my life jacket, has anybody seen it? I can feel a little tension brewing in my mind, calm down everything is going to be alright, I whisper to myself.

You can do this, just breathe and let the weight of your body carry you over the waves. You know everything, more than anyone, about faith and courage, use it now to get you through what is coming your way.

Hold on tightly to what you know to be your truth, don’t resist why you ended up in the water in the first place.

Stay strong and focused, you know you are more than capable of whatever this ocean is asking of you. Just ride the waves, each one of them as they come, gently pull yourself through your tears, you know you are going to be ok.

Where I am feels like it will last forever, there is nothing in the distance that I recognize, everything looks so unexplored and unfathomed. I feel like an alien and little is known to me.

Relax, stay quiet so you can listen, there is a soft and delicate voice that is speaking to you, if you don’t hush up you won’t hear what it is whispering.

‘This too shall pass’, as I lend an ear to the mummer.

All of a sudden there it is, I don’t know where it came from and I don’t care, I am just so grateful to have it, my lost and unexpected life jacket.

I feel so much better now.