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Growing an Inch at a Time

Growing an Inch at a Time

tree of life

If you are 5 foot tall or more, then growing an inch at a time will take a ton of patience, I am speaking in spiritual terms.

There isn’t a single one of us that grows at the same pace, not in our spiritual body anyway. There are lots of charts and statistic’s that say how and where our physical body should be and what it should look like at a certain age, but there are no diagrams of what our spiritual being should resemble at any stage of our life.

Being courageous enough to walk along any kind of a emotional path is without a doubt something to be very proud of. It may just well be the most rewarding thing you will every embark. There is no better way to inspire the rest of the world, than to be a leader in something that takes real guts to embrace and achieve.

Personal growth can be measured perhaps like the annual rings of a tree. Each ring shows the amount of wood produced doing one growing season. Our growth isn’t measured in wood of course, but instead on how much we evolve our Soul with each challenge we face and overcome. Tree rings grow under the bark, the bark is pushed out while the tree is growing.

As humans we grown inside also, the more we grow, the more we expand our emotional intelligence and push old patterns away. I love the tree analogy because nature allows us our greatest expansions. It is when we absorb ourselves in what Mother Earth so graciously provides for us, that we are able to feel the most connected to what really matters.

When we are able to join hands with the true nature of our own Soul, it is then that an incredible link of why were are here on this earth is established. It is not enough to ‘say’ that we are a spiritual being, we have to become one, to some degree at least, before we can make a secure connection to ourself.

Growing an inch at a time, that is the pace of spiritual growth, if we were to push ourselves any faster, I would have to say that we wouldn’t be doing the task at hand any justice at all. There is no fast track, short cut or Coles notes, sorry!

There will be lots of tests and a final exam in each evolutionary step, sorry about that too! What I am not sorry about is the rewards that come from each inch you manage to sprout. What digs it’s way to the surface from deep within you, what seeds awaken with the more fertile energy that you bring to them, will awaken you and enhance your life in so many unique and magnificent ways.

Stay on the path, nourish your Soul along the way and be a witness to your own growth, it is there for you to see.