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Decode your Imaginary (Part 2)

Decode your Imaginary (Part 2)


Our dreams are meant to speak to us. Often, it seems in a very foreign language.

Our dreams give us messages but often with unusual symbols and images.

It isn’t easy to decipher what we dream about and sometimes we can be really disturbed by there meanings. 

Although we dream about many different things; strange creatures, flying, loosing our teeth and far away lands, these images and events have archetypal themes to them.

Archetypes are typical examples of a person, place or thing. For example, you may have heard about how peaceful and calm a forest may be to ones Soul.

Whether you have been in that kind of a forest or not, we share a common understanding that they do exist.
Dreams are unique to the dreamer. Dreams are a place where the knowledge and history of the universe are stored. We access it when we are in a dream state.

Humans are spiritual beings.

We have our physical body but our spiritual body, our Soul is our purest self. As soon as we begin to experience the outside world, such as pain, loss or fear we begin to develop the counterpart to our Soul, our Ego!

Some people call it our Shadow Self. It holds onto all the things that we don’t like about ourselves. Also, all of things that we deny and hold onto instead of letting it go.

All of this negative stuff strengthens our Ego and keeps us from knowing and connecting to our Soul.
Our dreams are real, and they are to help us to reconnect with the part of us that we loose because of our Ego (our mind thoughts).

When we are feeling connected to our source, the spiritual part of who we are, we allow ourselves to feel happy, joyful and and more at peace.

Don’t disregard your dreams, journal and see what patterns unfold.

They are mysterious answers to the questions that lie in your heart.