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Change. It doesn’t have to be scary!

Change. It doesn’t have to be scary!


Resistance to change, it is our refusal to accept something as the way it is or the way it should be, and it is often our biggest struggle.

We attempt to prevent adjustments to our life more than we resist anything else. Modifying the way we do things and see things in our lives is the biggest part of the process, called Soul Work.

Change often means saying goodbye, and we humans are not good at that.

Since the day we arrive on this Earth we are programmed to attachment. Almost immediately fear becomes the focal point of our life.

Having an extra part or an extension of ourselves is what attachment represents. We add-on to avoid being afraid. When you were a child, did you have a favourite toy that you couldn’t sleep without? What about when you were a teenager, that special pair of jeans?

As an adult our attachments to stuff, material or other wise escalates to a high, because we are so programmed to fear our very existence in this life. How is there room to grow, if we are too afraid to let go, say goodbye and allow change?

It is interesting for you to know, that if you, at some point muster up the courage to surrender to some form of change (small or big), your Soul automatically releases a stimulant in your psyche, to help you detach from what no longer is of service to you in your life.

When you decide that you are no longer afraid of change, whatever the case may be, then the warrior in you takes over. If you surrender to what you have been viciously holding on to, and allow your Soul and the Universe to show you the way to change, everything becomes more clear.

The cloud of delusion that you have been standing under for a very long time, all of a sudden lifts, and the air in which you breath becomes lighter, fuller and more peaceful. Happiness creeps in to your Inner Being, and you find yourself smiling and laughing, something that you haven’t been a witness to for such a long time.

Change is evident, change is a natural part of life, change can be brilliant, if you allow it. If there is something in your life that is outdated and doesn’t resinate in the energy that you do, if that person or person’s don’t know how to honour the space in which you keep (inside), then it is time for change.

If you have been feeling dragged down and your tired, perhaps it is because the energy in the company that you are keeping, is pulling you in the wrong direction.

Your Soul is pulling you one way, and your situation, what ever the case, is pulling you in the opposite direction.

Change it up, don’t be afraid, because change couldn’t feel any worse than you are feeling right now.