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Are You There or Are You Here?

Are You There or Are You Here?


What good is a meaningful life if you’re missing out on it?

Most of us are eluded by the mastery of being in the present moment. It sounds all to complicated or we misunderstand what it means.

What does ‘being in the present’ mean to you, give it some thought, it might be life changing!
Test yourself, right now as you are reading this blog, what else are you thinking about?

How did we become so utterly distracted with our life? The answer is a simple one, we have allowed our Ego to take us away from the peace of where we should be. It isn’t always easy, remembering what we did yesterday yet alone what we have been doing for the past several years, perhaps even our entire life time, because for most of it we are not really available for ourselves. Our mind has been wandering off in thoughts of what we are not, what we won’t be or what we can’t or don’t have.

And yet, when you come to know how to turn off your Ego, you will realize how easy it has been to stand in the present of any given moment to enjoy what has been there all along.

All we have is right now, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is all but a mystery waiting on the clock. Don’t miss being right where you are in this moment, where ever it is. Listen to the whispers of your Soul, there are meaningful messages in the soft murmurs.

Look around you and let your decision for this new day be a positive one.
The best way to practise ‘being in the now’ is to start paying attention, become aware of your thoughts, if they are not positive then change your mind.

You are the Master, the Ego is not.
What you choose to think, is your decision. You are responsible for how you view your life.

There are two parts to a whole, one of who you are is the Ego. The Ego represents what you have been programmed to believe, the other of you is your Soul, the true essence of who you are. Being present allows us to connect to the divinity within us, the realness and authenticity of who we are.

Connecting to the positive goodness from our Soul is the best way to start any day, so take a deep breath and smile, you are everything you need to be right ‘now’.