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Anger And It’s Fiery Messages

Anger And It’s Fiery Messages


Anger arises from that which remains unconscious within us.

Once we recognize our anger we become conscious of it. Therefore in that present moment, when we become consciously aware of our anger, we become empowered.

We then stand in a clear and beautiful place in which to work with our anger without unconsciously giving in to it.

In order to help us move through something that we need to let go of, person, place or thing it is necessary to be mindful and sensitive to that which causes us to feel resentment and irritable.

While ever we remain unconscious of our emotional state of mind, we remain at the mercy of our Ego.

Becoming conscious of what it is that we are feeling, gives us then the power to take responsibility for why we are feeling unhappy or otherwise.

Being aware of our sensitiveness grants us appreciation for what it is we are feeling. Enough so that we then are able to work internally with what arises, in a healthy, pleasant and fulfilling way.

If someone speaks to you in a rude and mean manner, how you react to that persons judgment of you has everything to do with you.

What comes from lips of the other person involved, is their stuff. Why they said what they said is because of their own unconscious Ego and has nothing to do with you.

The gift they have offered you is an opportunity to consciously become aware of what emotional reaction came to the surface in you when the words were spoken.

If you allow yourself to pause in that moment, enough so that you are able to identify with what it is you’re feeling, then you become conscious of the wound that remains unhealed in you.

Our anger holds the key to the messages that our Soul wants to bring our attention to.

Healing is in the message, because our Spirit in this life experience, came for the purpose of learning how to thrive in the consciousness of who we truly are.