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A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love


Even if it is tough love, it is still love.

You can hate me all you want, I understand that you might. But now is one of those times when you need to trust me the most.

I have made mistakes, you watched me trip and fall when you were little.
I resented myself every time, because I knew that I was teaching you wrong.

Every decision I made for myself, made an impression on you. Especially the choices that didn’t serve me well. Right now I want you to know that those impressions, well, you deserve better.

I’m not judging your actions, I am questioning your integrity. Because when everything in our lives seems to be falling to pieces, the one thing that we can rely on to get us through, is honour.

Being honest with ourselves helps us to trust the decisions that we make.

I have done my part, I have challenged every belief that my mind has been conditioned to believe. I have rewritten my ‘truth’.

Now it is time to rewrite yours. It is not an easy path to walk, the one that leads us to our truth. But, I have been showing you the way these past few years.

You have seen my strength, my courage and durability, these have been the impressions that I have wanted you to remember and absorb. I want my new influences to over power the old ones.

My journey has been for you. To help you change and alter those old, outdated beliefs about yourself. Those broken-down, beat-up and worn out ways of thinking, that you learned from me.

Hate me all you want, be angry as hell, because that is a good place to start. Releasing ancient and ancestral emotions from your Soul, perhaps is just what you need.

My actions are to help you turn the corner on the path your on, to the road your meant to be walking instead.