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A Broken Heart

A Broken Heart


Each of us will have our heart broken by someone at least once in our life time. It is the natural course of our earthly experience, to have an occurrence that leaves such an impression on us and the painful memory that it happened.

There is a lesson in everything, a period of learning in which we are suppose to gather as wisdom to help us along our path to enlightenment. Everything that ‘happens’ to us, we must be able to see as something more than punishment or emotional torture.

A shattered heart is not easy to heal, our heart belongs to our Emotional Power. The intense impassioned part of our Self that allows us to feel happiness, joyfulness and contentment, but also the place in us that experiences despair, grief and the most intense phycological pain, this is what resides in our heart.

If who we truly are comes from our heart of hearts, if all of the goodness that holds true about ourselves comes from the emotional place within us, then why must having our heart broken be a part of our life? Do the circumstances really matter, does the ‘story’ of what went wrong really need to play out in our minds for the rest of our days? I think not, not if we are able to see what we were meant to see.

We need not be tortured by the happening if we understand what it had to offer us in terms of growth. Nothing is ever a waste of time, nothing in our life is a waste of anything, everything happens for a reason, as it should and when it happens.

Everything that resides in our heart is a representation of love. Love rules most of the lessons we come here to learn, love is the very reason we are here having this life experience. The truth of our Soul is love. The truth of who we are, the authentic part of us, this is what we are here to discover, lifetime after lifetime.

There is no need for judging, labeling or other wise, for each of us has a vibration of destiny if you will, a course of events that will play out with the intention only to help you evolve your Soul. What is most important is to let go of what we humans seem to hold to the most – pain.

Pain cripples us from moving forward, it holds us back from living in peace, pain causes illness and emotional despair, it can be a silent killer. Move past the pain, dig deeper and beyond the surface of ‘why’.

We hear those words ‘move on’, perhaps they might anger you, and so be it, but the truth of anything holds space only for what we can move away from.

Give yourself the greatest gift that can only be offered by you, allow yourself to heal from your once broken heart, so you can move closer to love, the very reason you came to life in the first place.