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Usui Reiki Training Certificate

Ann is a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher

In this lineage, Reiki Masters are attuned to heal and teach the Usui system of Reiki

Reiki Level I

At this level, Reiki initiates will learn the following;

  • the history of Dr Usui’s Reiki healing
  • gain a thorough knowledge of the Chakra system 
  • understand how energy moves through the body 
  • how to release blockages and instil healing Reiki energy
  • Reiki Ethics
  • how to do a self-healing through Self Reiki
  • become proficient in healing others in a Reiki treatment
  • Understanding yourself as a Sensitive / Empath
  •  Understanding energy on a deep and personal level

Participants will receive their Usui Reiki Level I certificate.  

$165 ****Level one and Level two are taught as a two-day course (your total investment $330.00)

Reiki Level Two 
Training at this level focuses on the following;

  • Level II  healing symbols, their origin, and precise usage
  • Receive an attunement to these symbols
  • Long distance healing with Reiki  (absentee healing)
  • Understanding the Ego to assist in increased intuition
  • Cleansing and protection of the personal energy field
  • Healing crystals and Reiki
  • Manifesting goals with Reiki (starting a business in Reiki)

Participants will receive their Usui Reiki Level II certificate.

$165 ****Level one and Level two are taught as a two-day course (your total investment $330.00)


Note: A $75.00 non-refundable deposit is required at registration. Please be sure the date/dates will work for you and you are serious about your commitment. There is a great deal of preparation that goes into each one of these Courses for you. Annanda’s Reiki Courses go beyond the Attunement and the brief outline of Reiki, we dive deep into the Chakra Energy Centres, the Ego and our intuition, how to begin as a Certified Reiki Practitioner, learn how to do a Distant Healing and many more interesting topics to enhance not only your internal energies, but your life as well. These courses are life-changing. 

*All students will receive a Reiki Manual

**All students will do a group Reiki with one another in both level one and level two Reiki Classes
***Morning refreshments/drinks and an Organic lunch is provided 
****All students receive a Crystal Gemstone gift and a Gemstone Bracelet