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With Annanda, hosting a ‘Spiritual Growth Workshop’ is all about Spiritual Insightful Rewards for you and your Tribe. 

Now more than ever it is time to bring people together, this will allow you to indulge in a discussion which will assist in raising the vibrational energy of not only your Self but the World as a collective also.

We must begin to learn how to embrace more of a personal relationship with our Self and less with our Ego Mind. 

Ann Tune (Founder, Owner, and Facilitator of Annanda Healing Place) has introduced a new revolutionary way of assisting you in becoming a better version of yourself. She wants to come and join you in the privacy and comfort of your home or space with a hand full of your Tribe, for a Spiritual Growth Workshop. Space at Annanda Healing Place is available for these workshops also. 

The experience will be a profound and informative few hours of insightful wisdom. 

“Ann’s encounters and mastery from some of the furthest and most deeply spiritual healing places on Earth are just a small part of the Annanda Experience. She offers her natural gifts of insight, clairvoyance, mediumship and intense internal energies for the benefit of all her clients. Ann gives her Mentoring Clients unique insights into their emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical awareness like never before. Ann is an Inspirational Teacher, Author, Intuitive Reiki Healer and facilitates Workshops and Courses on many spiritual topics”. 

I look forward to your invitation so I may provide you with a life-changing experience. 

Contact me for further details about Hosting a ‘Spiritual Growth Workshop’ in your home or space or at Annanda Healing Place.  

***For a very long time, you have been covering up your emotions with excuses and distractions. 

Annanda wants to share her wisdom with you and your Tribe to teach you ways in which you can heal your internal wounds. 

There is no longer a need for you to hide behind the accessories your Ego has used to keep you unhappy, restless and feeling downhearted or low-spirited. 

There is no weakness or deficiency in who you are, you are more than enough. 

Invite Annanda into your home or space or bring your Tribe to Annanda Healing Place so she may teach you how to utilize the tools you have neatly tucked away inside of you waiting to be put to good use. 

It is your Time to Shine.

Annanda would be humbled to be a part of your Spiritual Journey.

Some Of The Details Include: 

You choose from a list of topics you would like to discuss with me. You will have a choice of 2 or 3 topics from the list (depending on what you choose) there are over 22 topics to choose from. If you have something, in particular, you would like to discuss this is also an option and can be added. The Workshop will run anywhere between 3-5 hours or a full day or more depending on the number of participants. All participants receive a Crystal Gem Stone gift. Folders with written information about the topics discussed for you to take home will also be provided and included in your Workshop.

Spiritual Growth Workshop Topics:

1. Identifying And Understanding The Ego Mind

2. Intuition, Learning How To Trust It

3. Tapping Into Our Inner Tool Box

4. Learning To Nourish All Four Bodies

5. Understanding The 7 Chakra Energy Centres

6. Understand Soul Contracts

7. How Do We Cultivate Equanimity?

8. The Dark Night Of The Soul

9. Is It Really Depression?

10. Mirror Workshop

11. Learning The Basics Of Yoga

12. Empath’s, Sensitives, Indigos, Who Are They?

13. Narcism, Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder

14. The Power Of No, Learning How To Empower Your Self

15. Elevating The Energies Within

16. Emotional Power, The Heart Chakra

17. Power Of Relationship, The Sacral Chakra

18. Will Power, The Throat Chakra

19. Tribal Power, The Root Chakra

20. Personal Power, The Solar Plexus

21. Curing Anxiety Naturally

22. Boundaries Are Important For Everyone