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Intuitive Mentoring (With Reiki)

Sessions with Ann are usually 1.5 to 2 hours, your investment – $150

Intuitive mentoring is a process designed to help you develop your self-awareness and connect more effectively into your intuition. It is about giving you the tools and techniques that will help you tune into the hints the Universe is sending you. This, in turn, helps you to trust yourself more and make better decisions in all facets of your life.

We all have intuition but not all us of use it and some of us have developed it more strongly than others. It is something you are born with.

Developing your intuition requires you to grow your self-awareness and quiet your mind. This will enable you to tune into your intuition more easily. Your intuition often speaks with a quiet voice and this means you must be able to trust it (i.e. trust yourself) and ensure your mind is quiet enough so you can hear what your intuition is trying to tell you.

People use their intuition in many ways to help with their business and personal lives. For example, in business, it’s particularly useful in helping you to identify growth opportunities and new ways to approach old problems. In your personal life, it can help you to live more in alignment with what you really want to do and who you wish to be rather than being overly influenced by the agendas and beliefs of other people.

Try intuitive mentoring if you are searching for answers, looking for greater guidance and fulfilment or thinking of making an important life change. Try a session with Ann if you are feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, scared, fearful, depressed, anxious, and/or stuck. Ann has a gift of intuitive insight, she uses external and internal energies to tap into what it is that is keeping you stressful and unhappy in your life. 

Ann offers her natural gifts of insight, clairvoyance, mediumship and intense internal energies using Reiki for the benefit of all her clients. Embracing these special gifts as an Intuitive Energy Healer having many years of experience has deeply enriched Ann’s abilities to heal, Reiki is just another tool Ann uses in your Mentor Sessions to tap into her clients Chakra energy centres.