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When The World Is In Disarray, How can We Help?

When The World Is In Disarray, How can We Help?


We are at a time of evolution where we have to examine and take responsibility for our actions, both individually and collectively.

The occurrences that are happening on this planet right now are creating a magnetic pull where the lower vibrational energies are being brought up to be transformed into higher vibrational energies, for the sole purpose of sustaining our planet and the evolution of the humans on this planet.

The great upheaval has begun, we have swept so much of our dirt under the rug, and now it is time to clean up the mess that we have put off for years.

As humans on this earth we have a conscious responsibility to raise the level of our own vibrational energies up to the highest light of our Self.

There can be no more tolerance for humans sitting and complaining and talking badly about themselves as well as other people, we have to be held accountable for the energies that we are emitting into the Universal cosmic atmosphere.

It is only then will we truly begin to evolve, and will we begin to create more peace and harmony not only for ourselves, but for the world as a whole including all of nature, every animal and every single plant, tree and forest.

It is very modern for us to blame external causes than it is for us to take ownership for our issues. We are so easily tempted to gossip, complain and marginalize our internal stuff, than have the courage to face it and do something about it.

For every sentence that we grumble about our life or someone else’s we taint the air that we breath.

This time of evolution is not to be wasted by anyone, if there is something in your life that needs to be expressed because of dissatisfaction, take action to make it right, we have a life to live while we are here on this earth, we can spend it grumbling about how unhappy we are, or we can rise above our egotistical minds and make this planet as well as our life a better place.

Seek courage within yourself, dig to the depths of your soul if you have to, but remember the truth, bravery and gallantry is what our ancestors taught us.

Much love