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What Is Your Mission?

What Is Your Mission?


When we arrive on this planet, as the incarnated Soul that we are, we bring with us specific patterns of behaviours. Each of these deeply programmed conducts are a part of our Soul Contract for this life experience.

These Soul Contracts are set up so we may learn how to develop, trust and believe in our instinctual Intuitive Nature. Make no mistake, your birth was not a mistake, your journey on this earth right now, and since the day you were born is a divine contract that ‘you’ made with yourself.

Not only did you make a contract with yourself to be born into this life, you made contracts with each and every single person that has entered and exited your life, in whatever unique way. When we are born we come with a soul that knows only the likes of love.

Soon after our life experience begins on this earth, fragments of this loving soul begin to shatter. Each fragmented piece that is torn away from our soul becomes our life mission, we must learn how to put the pieces back together again, we must against all odds find the missing pieces of our soul, so we may return it back to the state in which it once was, enlightened and all loving.

How are we to find, retrieve and recuperate the parts of our soul that have gone missing, if this is to be our mission, then how? Believe it or not, our intuitive nature is turned on and dialled in every second of every minute of every day.

Each and every decision we make, every person that crosses our path comes with an intuitive gut feeling attached to it, for us to pay attention to.

Our work is to decide if it feels good or not, our mission is to learn how to act on our gut instinct to help us navigate our way through this life, so we may find the missing parts of our soul again. What we begin to loose as time goes on is our connection to this instinctual map that is inside of us at all times, we more often than not ignore the markings on this map and we tend to make decisions based on what we ‘think’ is right, instead of what we know is right.

All of what happens to us in this life, is a part of the soul contract we made with ourself and the ones we chose to be a part of it. Some of the soul contracts will test us in the most excruciating ways, our experience with these people or places will rip us apart and break our hearts, these times will be a examination of our strength, stamina and courage, but most of all they will be procedures intended to establish the quality of who we are, at a soul level.

Every hardship was carefully mapped out before we were born, to help reveal to us our strengths and capabilities, so we may continue with our mission to find the missing pieces of our soul. It is so vitally important that you learn how to trust your intuition, your gut feelings.

There is nothing more valuable to a human being than the instinctual compass that we were born with, our mission is to believe in it, so we may build again the truth of who we are, our Soul. 

May You Find Truth