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There Are Humans That Don’t Feel Safe

There Are Humans That Don’t Feel Safe


Are you one of them?

Do you feel threatened by your environment?

Do you feel safe in your own home, or do you walk around on pins and needles not wanting to stir the dust of your existence.

There are woman (and men) that live this way, people you think you know, but you know nothing about the piece of their life that is a lie.

Self-deception is a mask that some may wear, and they wear it well.

No one knows the truth of how these humans live, the false impression they show the world is mastery, it has to be, in order for them to survive.

We see a vision of the person standing in front of us, the external of this person may look like you and me, but underneath the facade is trickery, and many shades of grey cloud the reality of their life.

There is fear that looms in their homes, but most of all the fears that darken their world leaves a falsified impression on everyone that knows them.

Two play at the game, but one has more control than the other, the cards are stacked unevenly and the bets are placed by only one.

The other gambles that things will become more constant, this one prays for balance, but balance never comes, the equivalent of, doesn’t exist.

One tries harder, and harder still, day after day to make it right, the other demands more as their Ego fears expand.

Together they have cultivated and nurtured a life of misery, neither seem to be able to crawl out of the crater they have burrowed for one another.

One depends on the other, two Souls attached at their umbilical cords, both feeding off of each other through the twisted cord of their damaging disfunction.

When is enough, enough?

Must you wait until your Soul fades so far into the darkness, there will be no way to the light at all?

Why don’t you value your life, why can’t you see through the murk that restricts the visibility into the eyes of your Self?

When will the time come for you to believe in the power that brought you to this earth, when will you begin to trust what you already know deep inside your gut!

If this description fits your life, get out! It only take courage and you have all the courage you need inside of you to make a change, make an adjustment, it is sure to save your life. 

Much love, sending you courage