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The Universe Will Test You

The Universe Will Test You


The Universe has a way of keeping us on our toes. It’s not possible to get away with anything if the Universe has anything to do with it.

When we are engaging in our spiritual work, unbeknown to us there are specific requirements that the Universe is looking for, from us.

The sphere’s of our life that we need to strengthen in order to move forward in with our spiritual growth, are the area’s where we will be put to the test.

If something in our life is disagreeable with the universe’s plan for us, then somehow it will get our attention so we may have an opportunity to deal with it.

These tests come as synchronicity, circumstances of events that are meant to get our attention to detail. These synchronistic happenings will not always seemingly come as negative situations to cause us upset, although sometimes the event may have a particular quality about it that doesn’t make us feel good, its only purpose is to help us along our path.

The universe is not always gentle with it’s push and pulls, if you have been neglecting an area of your life for far too long, it is understandable that it might loose it’s patience with you, and offer up a circumstance that takes you by surprise.

Whatever the test may be, don’t be afraid of it, don’t get discouraged, instead tap into your emotional responses, this is where you will find the clues, these will be hints as to where you are stuck. Often times our physical body will become symptomatic, showing us where the energy is stuck in our body, if you know anything about the Chakra Energy Centres, this is another way of tapping into the voice of the universe to help us along.

For example, if you are dealing with a sore or tickly throat, you seem to be swallowing more often, or coughing but you don’t have a cold, this relates to your Throat Chakra which represents your ‘Will Power’, where in your life are you not speaking up, perhaps you are wavering in your verbal expressions and not truly being heard.

The universe is not the enemy, it is always on our side, we may not like the way it takes action on our behalf, but never loose trust or faith in it’s ability to help us on our spiritual quest. Every test is a chance to push yourself away from what you fear the most. 

May You Find Truth