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The Truth Might Feel Emotional

The Truth Might Feel Emotional


Regardless of whether it is an new truth or an old one that be told, the information will still take you aback and shake you up. The truth of anything can be like that, because the reality is, something that has been said or shown as a fact should be accepted as such and that is not always easy for us humans.

Veracity can show itself at any given time, most often when you least expect it. When it comes to the truthfulness of someones actions, I always look at it this way; when someone says something to you that causes you emotional pain, what they say comes from a place where their own pain resides and I consider it their ‘stuff’, how you reacted to what they said, is in fact your pain and something you should not hold yourself hostage to.

Someone in your life offers up an opportunity for you to heal in a form of something they say or do to you that feels uncomfortable, I know it sounds a little confusing, but it really isn’t. When someone causes you emotional pain by speaking words or by showing you their actions, it truly is a gift to us and nothing less.

If the hurtful words and action are habitual from this other person, this should be observed as the legitimacy of who they are, believe what they are showing you and appreciate what you are feeling when they act, this is your truth, don’t deny it or ignore it any longer.

Our emotional state of mind is our greatest guide, when we hurt it is an indication that we have some healing to do. When we feel internal pain it is because we have been wounded in the past. When someone you know pokes at your pain and makes you angry or upset, begin to understand and accept what it is you are feeling belongs to you.

It is the only way to ease the discomfort, we eventually must face and take ownership of whatever it is, in order for it to resolve. If we do not remedy and treat the wound, the reaction to the pain will only surface again and again, until we do. If you have been in conflict with someone about the same issue or issues for as long as you can remember, it is only because you have neglected to own your emotional wounding.

The arguing and defending will never cease to end until you both take ownership of your ‘stuff’. That is why the truth might feel emotional, the truth is you have to get honest with your spiritual growth if you want a more peaceful and happy life, not only with yourself but the others in your life as well.

Stop dancing around the issues, whatever they may be and take a firm stand instead to committing yourself to healing what is hurting you.

Only you can stop the pain once and for all. 

May You Find Truth