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The Physical You

The Physical You


Our bodies are made up of 4 parts, there is the anatomical parts, which includes our flesh, bones and vital organs, our mental body which is considered our mind or better known as the ego, we have the emotional aspects of who we are, this is the beautiful and yet sometimes powerfully temperamental component, then we have the spiritual and not easily recognizable element, this is the piece of us that we must dig deep to find and create a connection with.

All four bodies that assemble and put together who we are, as a human being, are equally important as the other. Our work is to maintain a healthy and salutary balance throughout our entire being, so we may be of benefit to this earth in whatever way is possible.

Our physical body is as fragile as the rest of us, but our physical being is what we rely on, so we may exist in this life experience and get to the root cause of why we are here.

It is vitally important to take extra special care of what makes our tangible, fleshy and unmistakably remarkable physical body function in the way that it does. If we have an anatomy that is not in good working order, the rest of what and who we are suffers deeply.

Our skeletal framework is what allows us to remain here on this earth, it houses and protects the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of who we are.

Our heart beats over 4800 times per hour, 115,200 times per day, it is the most important muscle in our body. The choices that we make to nourish our heart, and our other major organs should be something that we take very seriously, we are gifted but only one human vessel per lifetime.

How are you going to get serious about the spiritual part of who you are, if you don’t have a healthy machine to work with. Many issues are questionable in this world we live in, even the food we eat.

Like anything else, if you want to understand something, it is essential that you have good knowledge and awareness about it.

This will allow you to be objective, so you may be fair-minded and make healthy choices.

An important part of our spiritual process is to begin to take better care of ourselves, nourishing our physical vehicle is the first step to maintaining a healthy mind and soul. 

May You Find Truth