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The Anger In Our Throat

The Anger In Our Throat


So much of what we want to say, we don’t.

A million words that are meant to be spoken in the course of our life time, never get said.

We hold back the truth, we muffle what we truly feel and we clam up our throat more than we ever should and then we wonder why the back of our throat is sore, we get ear aches, consistent colds and coughs, runny noses, problems with our teeth and jaw.

Our throat is the seat of our will power, it is the gift that allows us to stand up for ourselves and not be taken advantage of, it is our self expression and how we are able to express the strength of our Self by having the courage to speak up.

Our voice is our capacity to make decisions, and progress from the perception that everyone and everything around us has authority over us, to becoming aware and confident that we ourselves have the only authority over our Self.

We hold so much fear in our throat, fear that makes us believe we have no power of choice within our own lives, whether it be personally or professionally.

It is within our strength to have faith in the choices that we make, and that our actions are aligned with our Souls growth.

It is important to trust our own instincts and not make choices out of fear, but instead allow and use our natural intuitive nature to be our guide.

The very essence of the fifth chakra is faith. Having faith in someone, an idea or having faith in a fear commits a part of our energy to that expression of faith.

Therefore, the spiritual test for all of us is the challenge to discover what motivates us to make the choices we do, and whether we have faith in our fears or in the Divine. Who is in charge of your life?

Why aren’t things working out the way I want? Perhaps we are meant to wonder if some other ‘force’ is acting in our lives!

Gaining an awareness of our own limitations opens us to considering choices we would not otherwise have made.

When our lives seem the most out of control, we must listen and trust the whispers from our Soul even more. Our life may move in a direction that we had never anticipated, if so we must be open to faith and not live solely by our fears.

Maybe we have to surrender to a power greater than ourselves, and not be afraid to leave our heart open for guidance.

If we put all of our energies into someone or something and no matter what we do it isn’t working out, maybe it is time to have faith in the question ‘why’. Why am I investing all of myself into this person, place or thing, and I am not succeeding with the result of happiness, peace, contentment and most of all fulfillment that I truly desire?

Perhaps the time has come to redefine what choices you have made and how you can change the course of your life now with what you have learned already about the Universe and it’s internal powers.

Keep your physical being healthy, your throat, teeth, gums, thyroid, ears and neck rely on your ability to have the courage to speak from your heart, expressing our truth is not always easy, but my advise is, ‘do it for your Self, your Soul and your health’. 

Much love to you