It is saddening when a time comes in our life, that we have to make decisions that hurt the core of who we are. Sensitive people always seem to get the brunt of the nasty stuff that life has to offer.

Even as we grow and evolve in this physical life experience, it doesn’t make some of the resolve we conclude and ultimately have no choice but to end, any easier.

The Soul of who we are never alters, goodness is goodness it doesn’t matter what way you look at it.

The spiritual growth in us comes from battling the Ego, our elevation comes from shaking off the dirt and grime of other peoples opinions of us.

Not everyone is going to like the shudder and tremble as we remove the poisonous judgements, to replace them with a healthy layer of boundaries and self respect. Some of the people in your life will blaster size you with no remorse.

Their egotistical idiocracies may bring you to your knee’s with sadness and perhaps anger, but this is your life, your experience, your growth, your peace and your happiness.

No matter how other people pull and tug at you with their harsh and damaging words, to draw you back into their web of disfunction, what is finished is finished.

Soul work has no limitations, once you start you can’t look back. Stay strong, stay true to ‘You’, and embrace forgiveness for what doesn’t feel good in the moment, the Universe is guiding you.

Make the decisions you know you need to make and be good with them.