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Submit To Your Truth

Submit To Your Truth


Surrender is an act of acceptance—resisting the pull of your Ego and it’s distorted thoughts. Surrendering is the acceptance of what is, of life’s imperfections, of what we believe are our limitations, of all our disappointments, of our painful memories and what seemingly causes us pain in the present and we must let go of the fear of death.

Although we need a certain amount of unwillingness to accept beliefs for what they are, to fuel our passion to make the world a better place, we suffer so much from our resistance to what is.

We don’t want to welcome it, or we don’t want to embrace it, or it just is not right, all of this thinking is fuelled by our Ego and our mind is what causes us to pain. It is an act of humbleness to surrender, it is what it is. When we surrender, we are shifting our thinking patterns from our Ego mind over to a deeper wisdom, our Soul – the power within us greater than our external Self.

When we surrender to our higher self, we let go of the painful exaggeration of what we try so hard to control and we embrace the truth of the unknown with open arms.

Some of us surrender to God or the universe. Whether we surrender to our higher self or to energies that we feel with our hearts, we are working through the more superficial, defended layers of our personality, those child parts of us that think we are all-knowing and all-powerful.

Spiritual maturity is not easy to come by, and it takes a tremendous amount of courage and stamina. To surrender to the will of your Soul, means letting go of what you think you know and have known the whole of your life.

Maturing the essence of our Soul means that you have to work through everything you have believed to be your truth, you must peel back the layers of clothing that you have been wearing that really and truthfully don’t fit anymore.

Standing naked in the truth of who you are in this World is a foreign concept, perhaps that is why it is so difficult for people to let go.

So I say to you in peace, ‘Be Different’.

May You Find Truth