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Spending Money

Spending Money


I bet you are really good at spending your hard earned money on other people, buying for the kids, grandkids, and anyone else that might say they need something.

It makes you feel good when you are giving and I can’t argue with that, it is a good feeling, I know it well.

It might be impulsive, the way you give your money away, you don’t think twice, people might not even have to ask, you are always in the front line offering up any amount that suits the situation.

‘Write a cheque, give them cash, send a bank transfer or better still, just give them your visa card’, your Ego offers up for any occasion.

When the money is spent and the gift-giving adrenaline settles down, what are you left with? Maybe it’s just that really good feeling of doing something from your heart, but maybe there is a slight contradiction to that feeling too.

When we do something impulsively, without thinking, it usually boils down to an old pattern we have been practicing for a very long time.

And so it is good to stop and analyze why we keep on keeping on with something that we do all too often, so we can begin to understand why we do it.

Money is a big impulse because it holds so much power over us, we are taught from a very young age how important money is to a humans existence.

We either grow up hoarding it or giving it all away. Either scenario almost always a lack of money is spent on our Selves unless it involves our ‘lifestyle’.

Very little money we spend is for the benefit of our Spirit. Why do we so often make the choice to deny our Soul a little monetary investment?

How are we going to ever stop with our instinctive habitual patterns, the ones that keep us tied up in negative mumbo jumbo if we don’t spend a little on our Selves once in a while?

Next time you decide to buy your Self a new something of anything, or next time you get your chequebook out to write a cheque with someone else’s name on it, think about why you are investing your hard earned money in either of these two occasions!

Perhaps instead spend a little money on something that you wouldn’t particularly choose to spend money on – your emotional Self! It is likely the best investment you will ever make.

There is so much to gain, mountains full of wisdom to be shared to help us humans understand why we are here on this earth, to begin with.

Are you curious enough to want to learn some of that wisdom from someone?

Next time you sign a cheque, make it out to you Self and invest in your Spirit. 

Much love