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Some Of Us Humans Can ‘Feel’ It!

Some Of Us Humans Can ‘Feel’ It!


If you are reading this blog then you would be one of those humans that I am talking about. 

If we are to believe, and I certainly do, that everything on this planet is made up of some form of ‘energy’, then there is no doubt that you have felt the shift. It started quite a few months ago, but the collective energy really shifted around mid January.

I know it is effecting you, because it is effecting me. This world has taken on a personal sense of heaviness that has shaken us to the core.

In all honesty I have to tell you, I don’t have TV, radio or any kind of newspaper in my home, but I don’t need to read or listen to any kind of media to appreciate that we are all experiencing some sort of energetic shock.

Not everyone will feel this energy shift to the same degree, we Sensitives will be feeling it the most. This heaviness you might feel in your physical body, the Heart Chakra mostly and maybe your Root Chakra as well.

But what we feel in our Soul is where the major adjustment is taking place, a movement deep within our psyche that has the potential to transform us forever.

So if you are experiencing headaches for the first time, or perhaps your headaches are more intense than usual, then you can be sure that your Crown Chakra is working overtime at the moment.

What is it that keeps us humans locked in the programming of our conditioned beliefs, what holds us back from living the life that we promised ourself we would have, before we were born, and why do we constantly insist on denying ourself happiness, joy and self-love?

These questions can be answered with one single word; FEAR. And fear is what this collective shift is all about, fear is rocking this world at this very moment. The energy of fear is mucilage, black and as thick as tar.

This kind of energy can be damaging on so many levels, because fear causes panic, agitation, distress, dread, anxiety and phobias.

If we are going to put all of our energy in something or someone that we believe is dangerous, then the disgusting and repulsive black tar will continue to spew loathsome and foul energy onto our body and into our Soul.

Regardless of what is happening in our world, this is a time more than ever to focus on ‘you’. We are all born to find our way to the path that will lead us on a spiritual quest.

If you haven’t found that path yet, then this is where you should invest your energy. If you have already found your path, then pay close attention to your night dreams, and synchronicity.

The energy might be sticky and heavy, but there is a tremendous amount of growth in it for all of us. Stay focused on raising the vibrational energy of your own Soul, this is how we lift the fog from the black and repulsive tar.

Don’t allow fear to consume your thoughts, positive intentions change the energy and that effect will change the world for the better.

May You Find Peace
Annanda x