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Shifting To Love, Moving Away From Fear

Shifting To Love, Moving Away From Fear


Fear is the atom bomb constructed by our Ego mind to keep us from feeling anything but happy.

With the absence of happiness, the world looks bleak and miserable.

Without joy and contentment our emotional responses are heightened with the likelihood of something unwelcome happening, we live in constant fear.

Feeling afraid may not necessarily always be in the forefront of your mind, but underneath the surface the ego is at work, constantly agitating you with feelings of unease, worry and dismay. ‘When will it end’, you may ask yourself, ‘when will I stop feeling anxious and upset’?

The answer to these questions and similar ones that you may ask, lies in the knowledge of understanding how our ego operates. What motivates our mind and what is the root cause of our obsessive thinking, what stimulates our senses in such negative ways, and why is it so difficult to stop the constant and often ridiculous chatter inside of our head, these are all very good and reasonable observations.

Our unconscious thinking is the ego’s doing, it thrives on attacking our self-esteem and our self-image, we are known to be our own worst critic, and our own worst enemy, but why?

Our mind is a complicated matter and a subject that needs particular attention, but with knowledge and understanding, insight and comprehension, peace and reassurance can be achieved so that we amy feel enlightened.

Love is the opposite of fear, but in a world so dysfunctional, love seems almost impossible at times. It is much more uncomplicated to ease our mind with thoughts that make us feel vulnerable, this is all the ego knows, we automatically resonate most of the time to negative thinking. 

Resonating in love may come in fleeting moments, there are times when we get a glimpse of what happiness feels like, leaving us craving for more.

And yet all the while love was all that we knew at one time, there was no fear, no resentment, no hatred or sorrow. Our work in this life experience is to find our way back to this love.

This task will take you on a journey and the searching may seem difficult to deal with, but let me remind you, all the love you will ever need is not far from reach at all.

Love is who you are and love is what you have known all along.

May You Find Truth