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Say What You Really Mean

Say What You Really Mean


Learning how to speak our truth is certainly a process that requires our awareness and understanding. As children when we started to talk, our truth was criticized and often ignored.

Not by any wrong doing from our parents or caregivers, very simply because our ancestral conditioning starts when we are born, our truth is replaced with our parents truth, societal and tribal truth as well.

There used to be old sayings when I was growing up, ‘don’t speak unless you are spoken to’, ‘don’t speak out of turn’, and ‘children should be seen and not heard’!

I’m not so sure any of these quotes have survived the era since I was a child (at least I hope not) but it certainly was the sentiment of how I was raised, it was the norm back then.

When a child has a temper tantrum, what do you think that child is really trying to say to you? When a teenager negatively complains over and over again about something in their life that they don’t like (they may use the word hate), what do you think they are really trying to tell you?

As humans, complaining is the only way we know how to express how we really feel, except our complaining completely leaves out the truth of what we are really feeling deep down inside.

We don’t know by what method to speak our truth, we were never really taught how. It isn’t until later in our life if and when we decide to embark on a spiritual journey, that our truth becomes a big focus and a huge discovery.

It is natural for us growing up to be a sponge, one which absorbs and soaks up all of the patterns of behaviours we inherit from our tribe.

Perhaps there wasn’t much you questioned back then, everything you were subjected to, you assimilated as your truth. Understanding how to express the truth of who we are, is a technique that requires courage and a healthy self-esteem.

Be patient with yourself and the methodology in which you use as a means to discover what works best for you, in expressing yourself wholeheartedly.

If a teenager is constantly complaining about a hate in their life, maybe ask him/her, ‘what is it you are really trying to tell me’, ask them to speak from their soul and not their ego.

It will be a wonderful opportunity for you to begin to help them to undue, what has been handed down from you, likely it is something that isn’t serving their soul at this time and they intuitively know this. 

May You Find Truth