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Our Mythical Story

Our Mythical Story


The mythic story of our life, what fabled tales can we tell of our past! What imaginary and invented dreams swirl around our thoughts of the future! Each of us are born legendary in our own time, famed with our remarkable experiences and distinguished synchronicities.

Nothing is make-believe or made of fantasy when you uncover the unconscious realm in which dreams are born. Nothing becomes impossible as you expand your awareness to all that is.

Fanciful and fairy-tale, where do you allow your soul thoughts to wonder? The eye of providence surrounded by rays of light, you have been touched by the Universe, a place where no Ego exists, you are never alone.

Allow your eyes to see no obstacles, your heart to feel no pain, cast your mind on all that is positive, you are a soulful gift here on this earth and your mission is to find your way. No two people are alike, you are exceptional, extraordinary and a notable soul indeed.

Perhaps you feel a little peculiar, unusual, odd or weird, if so, I applaud you, for this only means you are traveling on the path that your soul intended. If there is a feeling of disconnect, then maybe you have unplugged yourself from the craziness of this world, the uncertain feelings may need you to take a break for a while.

Retreat to your hollow where you are peacefully guarded, but stay there only a while, there is work to be done. The heavy, damp and dark garment that you cloak around you when you are feeling down must be discarded once and for all. It has no place in your future gatherings.

There is a meaningful assembly that needs your poise and attention, a rally of the souls, ones that want to make a difference, and to fulfil the very reason that you all have come.

Build on your strength, tap into the courage that is waiting to ignite in your belly, do not be afraid, the time has come for you to rise above the program that has kept you trapped.

Break and battle your way out of the barriers that have always been in your way, the ego is powerless when the soul has authority, now is the time to act.

Daydream of paradise, it is yours for the taking.

May You Find Truth