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Once You Make The Decision…

Once You Make The Decision…


For months and months, maybe even years you agonize over trying to make a decision about something. What feels wrong is always in the back of your mind, it never leaves you, a constant reminder to work on enough courage to decide what to do.

Stay or go, leave or stay, sell and move or decide never to relocate, quit your job, or don’t be a quitter stay and fight. Your mind is consumed constantly with the burden of making that final solve, perhaps this will be the biggest decision you have to make in your life this far.

Why does choosing to make a positive change in our life have to be so rigidly strenuous and exhausting? When we become determined to resolve a certain area of our life with a decision to make a change, we are faced with battling our ego mind.

As soon as our ego realizes there has been a shift in our thinking patterns, it begins to torment us with fear. It sends out loud noises in our head to get our attention, locking us into believing that everything and anything will and can go wrong if we decide to make an adjustment to our life.

The ego hates modification of any kind, it likes to keep us hooked in ‘what is’. To substitute our life with something more pleasing, less stressful and make changes so we can find inner peace, is not on the egos agenda, for us to be happy inside of our soul, our ego would cringe at the thought.

We have been programmed all of our life with one fear after another, some humans more than others of course are locked into fears that plague them with constant burdens, fears that rob them of that divine connection to their soul.

Fear is a waste of time and energy, nothing we fear rarely ever comes true. Those of you who fear the dark, there is nothing in that pitch black space where you can not see, it is only a delusion of your mind, the child in you that was told to be scared of the blackness, watch out for the boogie man in the closet.

The opposite of fear is courage. Courage is always there when you need it, if you would only learn to listen.

Our soul knows only of courage, faith and trust, everything you need is ready and waiting, your work is to acknowledge this part of you, your gut feeling so you can tap into just enough confidence and certainty to rely on what you already know………the decision you need to make. 

Much love