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Healing Away From The Old

Healing Away From The Old


Healing from the wounds we have accumulated over the course of our lifetime, is an incredible series of actions helping us to achieve a freedom that is unexplainable.

In order to embark on such a journey we must first have the desire to be more fulfilled, we must wish for less animosity and more peace, we must feel a strong passion for a happiness we have yet to know, and an impulse to connect with what has been calling us for a very long time, our true and natural purpose.

Our healing process allows us to mourn and release the old of who we are, all of our Ego traits that have held us away from a deep and meaningful connection to our Soul.

When the word mourn or mourning is mentioned, it is natural for us to react with the sense that whatever it is, it will be difficult.

We have been programmed to believe that letting go is negative, we must hold onto instead and continue to suffer, or so the Ego says.

This concept is quite the contrary to how our Soul views the way we are meant to release, especially when it comes to breaking free from what might have been confining us for a very long time.

The Soul asks that we liberate our Spirit, after all it is the reason we chose to come, for this lifetime experience. Mourning is painful, there is no getting around it.

When the time comes to mourn the disappearance of a part of us that we have known for a very long time, a dreadful but also liberating method of release happens.

When we become consciously aware of a negative pattern we inherited from someone else, as we were growing up, it is now our work to release this pattern to be free of it forever.

This task is considered the mourning process, and it is necessary in order for us to engage in the liberating freedom that we so deeply desire.

Mourning the death of who we used to know as our ‘Self’, requires a tremendous amount of courage, patience and faith. All of the tools you need to break free from your restricting Ego patterns is inside of you, everything you will require for your journey to freedom, is indeed a part of you already, just waiting for you to embrace.

There is nothing you can not achieve, you are already whole, in order to truly feel your wholeness there is a dark and mouldy, old and outdated coat that you must shed from your body, this is your Soul Work.

If I can do this Soul Work, there is no doubt in my mind that you can do it too.

Much love