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Go Ahead Don’t Be Afraid

Go Ahead Don’t Be Afraid


Tossing around a decision we so desperately want to make can cause us so much pain. Mentally, emotionally and physically we endure symptoms that can be debilitating and draining.

Often when we are in a time of spiritual growth our intuition will be heightened, our gut feeling will be trying to tell us one thing, but our Ego will be shouting another.

So much confusion can create emotional responses that are more dramatic than we are used to, we get overwhelmed, scared, worried and confused.

There is nothing more complicated and perplexed than agonizing over something that every bone in your body knows you need to do, a decision must be made and it must come soon.

You can’t go on like this any longer, your energy is depleted and your physical vessel is suffering from the stress, all kinds of symptoms are arising which are causing added worry and unease.

Your level of anxiety is at an all time high, it takes all that you have just to keep yourself calm, your state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension is more than you can bear.

Why do we humans mistrust our Self so much, what is it that keeps us locked in our fears? Our conditioned patterns are meant to catch up with us at some point in our life, in other words there will come a time when our Soul says enough, it is time to get to work.

Our soul work is the very reason we came into this life existence, if you are brave enough you will recognize the opportunity to evolve and get to work. Soul work requires us to make life changing decisions, because very likely you are in situations that don’t serve you well.

Before we become conscious of our ancestral patterns of conditioned behaviours we follow what we unconsciously believe to be our truth.

This truth says nothing about what we think we know is accurately correct. Living in our unconscious ways of thinking and doing keeps us locked in patterns that do not nourish our Soul well.

The intention of our Soul work is to release us from those chains of the behaviours that we have inherited so we may discover who we truly are, at the core of our Spirit.

This requires us to make difficult decisions, ones that may turn our life as we know it upside down. You can’t have the life you want living the life that you have, it just isn’t so. 

Trust your intuition, have faith and confidence in what it is trying to speak to you, know without a doubt that it has your best interest at heart, your intuitive natures main objective is to guide you, protect you and escort you to the life you want for yourself.

Make and act on that first decision, don’t be afraid, everything else will fall into place when you do.
May You Find Truth
Annanda x