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Cutting The Ties That Bind Us

Cutting The Ties That Bind Us


Cutting ourself loose from anything or anyone that brings us discomfort emotionally, physically or otherwise is most likely one of the most difficult undertakings for a human being.

We are so hard wired for duty and honour, not to mention that we all have a stubborn streak in us somewhere as well.

If you are just embarking on a spiritual journey then your ‘awareness’ will likely be somewhat immature, what I mean is, your Ego still plays a super role in your everyday life. As you spiritually become more grounded, realizing the Ego from old pattern becomes key to moving forward with your Souls growth.

Intuitive Sensitive’s, Empaths and the like have the most difficult time with endings, this is because they have a built in radar that doesn’t allow them to bring discomfort, hurt or upset to anyone else, often this comes even at the expense of themselves.

I know at times like this, when an ending of something is inevitable our Soul will nudge us more than usual. The Universe has a way of getting our attention so that we can make the necessary changes that are required for the good of our growth.

So if there are times when you feel angry, restless, pissed off, agitated, annoyed, bitter and/or enraged, then rest be sured you are engaging in a situation that your inner warning sensor wants you to pay attention to.

If you already have become aware of a person, place or thing that is not serving the elevation of your Soul and you are still apprehensive about cutting ties, then you must ask yourself, ‘what am I in this for and what am I still meant to learn’?

If your answer is ‘nothing’, then let yourself loose because to hold onto what is causing you distress and unease is doing you more harm than good, more than you know.

If we extend our Soul Contracts with people with whom the stamp of ‘expiry’ has long been applied, then we are only enabling ourself and those involved to stay stuck in spiritual immaturity.

Do not allow anyone to hold you back, you have worked incredibly hard to get to where you are.

Let Go and Let Be, once you do, you will be able to stand back and let the new growth waiting to expand in you begin.