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Awake Inside A Dream

Awake Inside A Dream


Have you ever woken up with a slight feeling of weirdness that you just can’t explain? Lying in bed you are awake, but still so tired you are unable to move.

There is a vivid dream still playing out behind your eyes. All night long it seems like there was a making of a movie happening in your mind, no wonder you still feel so tired.

Even though you know you are awake, the dream presently seems so realistic and the players are still silently acting out their parts in your consciousness.

Even with your eyes open now, the dream continues on in your mind. ‘This is weird’, you say to yourself. You motion yourself out of bed, but the dream is haunting you with it’s impressive and dramatic memory. The plot of the movie was so graphic, authentic and detailed, it has left you in a state of awe.

You were a actor in the dream, you knew you were acting, you knew it was just a dream while you were dreaming. You wonder to yourself, ‘is this like an out of body experience’?

Wandering around the kitchen to make your morning coffee, ‘it sure feels like it’, you answer to yourself. Your feet are on the ground, you can feel the coldness of the kitchen tiles on your feet, but you still feel like you are floating around, waiting for the next scene of the motion picture to begin.

There is a deep sense of conflicted reality happening, you can feel it. Am I still in the dream, or am I really awake? A valid question, and one you are not sure you can answer. ‘Hopefully the coffee will help’, you say to yourself as you rub your eyes hoping to clear away the fogginess that is clouding your actuality.

Night dreams can loose us in the abstracted experience, so much so that when we awaken from the drama, we still feel a part of it, almost like being in a trance like state.

I think the weird feelings happen after we realize we are awake, but the story of the dream still feels so real. Once we realize we are awake the contemplation begins immediately, there is a deep sense of longing, wanting to know what the dream is trying to tell us about our waking life reality.

Unraveling the messages is the difficult task, especially when the dream was so ambitious with realistic impressions. If there are times when are you dream constantly, journal the stories.

There is something your Soul and your Guides are trying to tell you, authentic and trustful information to help you along your way, don’t dismiss it, there is a gift in the plot of the story for you.

May You Find Truth