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When People Say Negative Things

When People Say Negative Things


What motivates us to say words that we know we don’t really want to say. Not in the way that we say them, at least.

We are so hard wired to stick with the programming, often the words hit our tongue before we are fully aware of what’s coming out of our mouth, and then it is too late.

As an example, here’s a little story about my friend that’s moving to Brazil. She is packing up everything of where she is, to move to where she is meant to go.

Completely leaving her life in one place, to start a new and fresh life somewhere else. She has done some intense Soul Work this whole year to get to the place of where she is inside of herself. This decision to relocate wasn’t an easy one, but she knows it is the right one, the Universe has lead her in this direction, all the signs were there.

Synchronicity, it is what it is, we choose to see and listen or we don’t. So many humans miss the boat of incredible change, because the eyes are wide shut to the opportunities that await them. My friend has begun to talk to her family, colleagues and friends about her commitment to her Soul’s calling, letting them know of her upcoming shift and transformation.

Expressing her excitement about the wonderful, exciting and invigorating process of her recent decisions, she is happy and it shows.

What is baffling is the negative comments from the people that she cares most about and what they are actually expressing to her when she talks of her resolve. Only a very few people are sharing in her joy.

The many others have a lot to say, and some nothing at all, but most of what they express is negative garbo. What’s up with that? It is quite simple to explain; there is a person standing in front of you, someone you love or admire or neither of those, regardless, they are standing in front of you because they have something to tell you. They are smiling from ear to ear because they are incredibly happy.

What they tell you is something really positive about their life, you on the other hand, first of all, are having a really hard time connecting to that annoying smile.

Immediately, even before you have a chance to think, your Ego grabs a hold of the other persons wonderful news and makes it about ‘you’. The ‘you’ part of the conversation is because their great news has poked at an emotion (in you) that needs some of your love and attention.

There is an old saying, and it goes like this; ‘think before you speak, everything doesn’t have to always be about ‘you’. Choose your words carefully, and then move on and take care of that wound that the poke made, in you.