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What Is Your Focus?

What Is Your Focus?


It isn’t easy trying to keep our focus away from thoughts of what might happen, what could happen and what if, what when and what where, there often seems to be a sense of doom and gloom in the air that detains our happiness from day to day.

Habitually our mind always seems to resinate to the difficulties, the challenges and the hardships, not only in our own life, but also to the events happening in the world as a collective.

The more terrible news we here from social media, the more helpless we feel. Uncontrollable situations happen around the earth every day, circumstances that may bring us to tears, feeling powerless to the actions of other humans scares us and can become a constant fear within us.

What we sometimes loose sight of in our life, is our free will to choose how we view our existence, we can select to focus on the positive aspects or the very opposite, the negative, the choice is ours to make.

Bringing your focus into the positive forces in your life and numbing out the negative energies, some might call this ignorant avoidance, or denial.

Individually the focus may be an automatic reaction, seeing only the goodness and the blessings, recognizing that our journey will offer up some really tough stuff to help us grow and become more conscious.

There are others that will get pulled into the ‘could happen’ moments. loosing touch with their intuition and instead getting caught up in their Egotistical habitual patterns of fear.

Many say that not listening to the news of the world is only living in denial and fear, but perhaps it is just the reverse for so many reasons. I can’t help thinking that my absence from CNN and the like, allows me to share loving energy with the world, regardless of what is going on.

There will always be some horrific event or undesirable cause happening around us everyday, but if our focus remains positive and we are able to connect with love instead of fear, there is no denying that the energies of love we send out into the world will be our contribution.

There is no need to feel powerless when we have a tool that we can tap into so very easily to help where help is needed. Raising the vibrational energy of this planet is what it needs most of all.

Keep a check on your focus, it matters a great deal. 

May You Find Truth