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The People in your Tribe

The People in your Tribe


Life is all about choices. People complain that they feel trapped in their existence. Everyday habits that keep them on the hamster wheel, going around and around. Part of them is numb, but mostly they are frightened to make the decisions that will change their life for the better.

All of us have made poor choices, this should not be considered a bad thing, for everything that happens to us, the circumstances we find ourselves in or the situations that didn’t serve us, they are all lessons to help us grow. The key is to learn something from what did not go well, so as not to repeat it again.

Good choices are about practising good thinking and best actions. Believe that every moment we have two choices, to live our best life, or not honour that thought at all, which of the two will you choose today?. Become aware of the present moment like you are the guardian of a precious jewel, therefore no time is ever wasted. Wasted time is with the Ego, don’t invite yourself to spend time with ‘it’, it will only exhaust you and the conversations will always revolve around negative mumble jumble.

Taking responsibility for our life, plays a big part in the choices we will make, and how we want to live our optimal life.

Wisdom doesn’t have to come from the level of our intellectual mind, the best wisdom comes from our experiences, and how well we listen to our intuitive voice. The people you choose to surround yourself with will be the ones that influence the choices you make about how you think, how much responsibility you take for yourself and how you view yourself in this world.

Other peoples opinions, actions and behaviours become our own, if we are vulnerable enough. Choose your tribe carefully. Keep the company of other human beings like yourself, people who resinate in the same energy as you do.

Anyone that doesn’t have your best interest at heart, anyone that doesn’t lovingly support who you stand for, and anyone that you do not trust, shouldn’t get to be a part of your tribe, not if you want to expand your horizons, the choice is yours. It is not to say that these people who no longer fit your desirable life are less than you, it just means that they have made choices to be where they are, everyone evolves at their own pace.

Do not waste time feeling guilty for those that you have bid farewell, Soul contracts expire. You can be sure you will see these people again, in another life time, Soul family often are forever Angels, helping us wherever we are.

If you really want to get off the wheel that keeps you spinning, if you want to live your life to the highest degree, then take a look at the choices that you have made this far. Have you learned the lessons from these choices?

If you can answer ‘yes’, then it is time to alter and modify your current situation, so you can move forward and get closer to your best life.